WESTCARB Carbon Atlas

The WESTCARB Carbon Atlas provides the locations of major industrial CO2 emissions sources, areas with geologic formations capable of storing CO2, boundaries of publicly owned lands relevant to geologic and terrestrial sequestration opportunity characterization, and features such as transportation arteries, rivers and streams, and jurisdictional boundaries.



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Map Gallery

The map gallery provides access to previously published maps of interest to the CCS community. Maps are updated when new data is integrated into the GIS database.


Saline Aquifers with Capacity

Oil and Gas Fields with Capacity

Coal Seams with Capacity

Emission Sources

Status of Sedimentary Basins in California

Status of Sedimentary Basins in California with point sources

State Geologic Map: California

Coming Soon


Terrestrial Maps

Project Locations Geologic

Project Locations Terrestrial

State Geologic Map: California

Alaska Sequestration Potential for Saline Aquifers

Alaska Sequestration Potential for Coal Seams

Generalized Geologic Map: Alaska