Download WESTCARB GIS Data

These data layers have been exported from the WESTCARB partnership database. The core shapefile component files (.SHP, .SHX, and .DBF) are packaged together in a .ZIP file with a projection file (.PRJ) and xml metadata file (.XML). These shapefiles are intended for use with GIS software such as ArcMap.

For more information contact
Geospatial Innovation Facility, UC Berkeley

  Potential Geologic CO2 Sinks File Type Size
polygons AK Coal Basins Shapefile 82k
polygons AK Oil and Gas Fields Shapefile 586k
polygons AK Sedimentary Basins Shapefile 636k
polygons AZ Sedimentary Basins Shapefile 6k
polygons B.C. Coal Fields Shapefile 45k
polygons B.C. Sedimentary Basins Shapefile 265k
polygons B.C. Oil and Gas Fields Shapefile 265k
polygons CA Oil and Gas Fields Shapefile 448k
polygons CA Sedimentary Basins Shapefile 448k
polygons NV Sedimentary Basins Shapefile 187k
polygons OR/WA Consolidated Basins Shapefile 34k
polygons Lower 48 Coal Fields Shapefile 88k
  CO2 Point Sources File Type Size
Points Cement and Lime Plants Shapefile 8k
Points Gas Processing Plants Shapefile 8k
Points Power Plants Shapefile 23k
Points Refineries Shapefile 8k
Points Industrial Shapefile 6k
Points Ethanol Plants Shapefile 7k
  Terrestrial Data File Type Size
Points California Terrestrial Data 9.3 Geodatabase 69.5Mb
Points Oregon Terrestrial Data 9.3 Geodatabase 287.6Mb
Points Washington Terrestrial Data 9.3 Geodatabase 367.3Mb